What is GedCon?

Updated: Apr 6

Find out the backstory to GedCon, LLC.

What is GedCon?

GedCon is a multi-industry project management company with experience in the commercial, nonprofit and local market. With commercial partnerships and memberships with fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Amazon Web Services, GedCon is authorized to engage in projects involving software and hardware services for businesses and consumers. GedCon is also an authorized re-seller of many commercial products. Buyers are able to purchase branded gear and products through our online ecommerce store. In addition to the commercial market, GedCon is able to sell to local, state and federal governments through our good standing with the public marketplace.

Who has used us?

GedCon, LLC. has managed small to midsized projects located in Charleston, South Carolina. GedCon has contracted in the following industries: Information Technology, Project Management, Consulting and Janitorial services. Our team contains more than 30 years of experience combined. Since July 2019, we have successfully performed over 100 jobs involving nonprofits, churches, small businesses, banks, boutiques and enterprises.

What is your back story?

Our company was founded by a 3rd generation computer programmer, and 1st generation entrepreneur. Information technology was originally our primary focus, however since launching we have shifted into multi-market project management. We have partnered with other entrepreneurs and have gained experience in other industries such as janitorial, and commercial cleaning. Our entities include GedCon High Performance Systems, and Dominion Cleaning.

What is our overall mission?

Delivering the best customer experience for our buyers both federally and commercially. As a veteran owned company we know how to serve. We are the right choice for your project. We care as much as your savings and well being as our own. This is best highlighted whether we are subcontracting for larger companies or managing services for individual customers. Buyers are offered a hands off experience, this is what makes us the right team to trust with your outsourcing worries. By choosing us you can complete your projects before time and under budget.

How did we end up with a .org?

We are a for profit, and this is question we are asked all the time. In 2018, the domain name was sold for roughly $3,000. So in turn, we are now using the extensions of .org, .net and alternatives sites such as and the subrooted domain

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